sorel | 1992 | atlantic ocean | i write about boys and girls and cars and monsters and gods and animals

i am unbrushed hair and strange sunburn patterns and splinter fingers and shin scratches and tired eyes

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revelation: august of 1998 cole is lucid dreams and livid knees. december he is bloody noses and gameboy eyes. he has been dreaming of the monster grendel since before he knew his mother’s face. i make him wear a crown of brittle raspberry briars as a joke and he doesn’t speak to me for three days. by then i have learned to twist my wrists to add torque to the hits.

currently: there is cd that floats around the interior of the car that has DAMAGE REMIXED written in sharpie on it and cole plays it whenever it shows up. if the clouds are dark enough he tries to pull a tornado out of them, and i sit on the porch and try to put my knuckles back in place.

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being driven in my own car ahhhh

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button is always trying to be helpful

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i am the tiredest girl in the world

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for teamcaptains ten books of importance in no order 

1. goodnight moon - margaret wise brown/clement hurd
2. love in the time of cholera - gabriel garcia marquez
3. innocent erendira and other stories -  gabriel garcia marquez
4. d’aulaire’s book of greek myths - d’aulaires?
5. the instructions - adam levin
6. ada or ardor - vladimir nabokov (yes lolita too but this more)
7. house of leaves - mark z. danielewski
8. suttree - cormac mccarthy
9. franny and zooey - jd salinger 
10. 1q84 - haruki murakami 
11. east of eden - john steinbeck
12. grendel - john gardner


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the word you absolutely kills me

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sleepy under grey sky

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i remember when i thought i was better than everyone in high school because i backed into parking spots

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