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forever in my car

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Anonymous asked: WHY did you delete your novel and are you rewriting it?

because i hated it and everything in that second it took me to delete it and it felt like an injustice to the characters and the environment and yes i already have

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no sky, just sewn in clouds. your overgrown halo is hurting my eyes.
then the road falls down and the yellow line is gone and the headlights aren’t doing anything. i say, the headlights aren’t doing anything. you give me your hand. i’m biting the soft spot in the middle of your wrist, you’re the taste of straw and mobil 1 and chocolate and it’s confusing. the car is shying away from the road. they used to make boys like you into kings.

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i wrote ‘cole is tired’ twelve times and deleted the novel
it’s going to rain soon

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it was supposed to rain and it’s not raining and i am disappointed

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all i’ve been doing is talking in pictures because my heart has been in my own teeth but my hands are sticky from fair food and they hurt so much with splinters and bruises but i don’t mind and the summer’s gone soft and gentle
the nights are darker than ever and it’s going to rain my legs feel so long but it might be because i got hot and rolled my skirt up and never untangled my hair so and i always feel taller with tangled hair, quiet the whole way home

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